Making a Mess of Topology, Learning the hard way

Making a mess of geometry. Next we used the Decimation Master lugin to remesh the model into a manageable poly count allowing us to move the model into Topogun. This is where I learned all about the importance of edge flow. I made a lot of mistakes as I found out later when trying to UV the model. This is a classic case where you need make mistakes in order to learn from them. The next topology work I do will have more thought out lines. After unwrapping my first attempt at UVing the character looked more like a spaghetti monster.  

Next was to play with some topology software called Wrap 3 by R3DS. They have a 15 day trial so I gave it a shot. It seems to work best with hi-resolution scans but I was able to get some decent topology after a while very quickly. The more I played with it the faster the wraps took.