Week 2 Update 1 The Mill Collaboration

This page will be a documentation of my upcoming class for the Fall of 2017. Here I will be sharing progress for my work under the teaching of Professor Bridget Gaynor and Deborah Fowler, and the mentors of visual arts studio, The Mill.

Mentors include:

Todd Akita - FX Supervisor

Cat Gulácsy - US Talent Manager

Kyle Cody - VFX Supervisor/Lead Compositor

Billy Dongjoon Jang - Senior/Lead Lighting CG Artist

Week 2

Week two has brought us progress and problems. The majority of my time is spent troubleshooting the fractures and trying to wrap my head around the bullet solver and how it communicates and interacts with the rest of the solver and nodes. The second version of the file shown below could only write out to types of Alembic files. The way I built it made it difficult to assign groups and I couldnt find a workaround.The UV's where spaghetti, so I tried to use an Attribute Transfer of the UV Projection past the fractures, in an attempt to  clean things up. After working so hard on trying to create primary and secondary fractures, it never occurred to me what the outcome of UVs would be with so many broken parts. 

Another difficulty that I encountered was the concept of pipeline for VFX from Houdini into Maya. Until this point all of my Houdini work had been done inside of Mantra so working out the details and building with the idea of passing on the project did not go well. One of the reasons I'm rebuilding the file is because I found that I had painted myself into a corner in terms of exporting the file to the required format and making sure the UVs would not cause problems for my teammate. I was so proud of what I had accomplished due to the steep learning curve, it was an abrupt wake up call when I passed off the Alembic file and watched first hand how messed up it truly was for future texturing and look development. I was also completly unaware that the force I used to project the ball forward wasent allowing it to spin. It looked to me in HOudini like everything was fine, but once a texture was placed on it it was clear there was a major issue with the animation.