Painting and Details

Eyes were an issue, the left eye has the pupil layer shut off and the right eye on showing the HDR reflection I was trying to capture. The rest of the texturing and painting was trial and error. I'm happy with the results for a first time sculpt.

Painting and Texturing.

The eyes were very difficult, Zbrush has a strange way of handling transparency. It's deffinitly a topic I will revisit in the future or find a way to touch up the reflections durring the composite.


Dragon Re-Render

Here is a re-render of the original dragon animation. I have fixed some of the issues but it still needs work. The sky-dome layer somehow became offset in the frame count so I had to unhook it in Nuke.

Below you can see the repaired reflection pass along with the other layers that were brought into Nuke. There is no longer a red ground shadow reflecting up from the ground plane. 

Nuke tree and a screenshot of the last render.