Houdini Environment Project for Crowd Simulations

This is a quick update recording some of the assets that I have been working on in Houdini that will act as set dressing and ground cover for my environments. My goal is to build realistic sets that I will use as backdrops for my crowd simulations. Houdini height fields have been a lot of fun to explore, but like everything in Houdini shading and texturing has become a challenge. 

Houdini Assets for Environments

Megascans and SpeedTree in Houdini

Bringing Megascans into Houdini has also been fun. UVs have always proven a challenge for me in Houdini but this project has helped solve that. Working with the organic shapes forced me to up my game in order to make sure the textures fit correctly. 

Houdini Forest

Houdini Forest Test

Speedtree in Houdini with Mantra

Megascans Ground

I have also been working on building a ground terrain that will not look patterned on the large height fields in Houdini. They tend to look good up close but once they are implemented into the scene they are no longer seamless. I have written a shader to work as the ground while try to solve the problem.